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Study Tips

Hello, everyone. Today, I’ll be giving you some ‘Study Tips’ which are the prerequisites for acing ANY school examination, university tests, IQ tests etc. So before moving on to giving you those “golden rules for studying”, I’ll be first discussing what actually stops you from studying. The main thing that stops you from studying is […]


When will CIE June 2016 results be released?

The Provisional results for the CIE June 2016 session will be released on the following dates. GCE Guide wishes everyone best of luck for their results 🙂 June 2016 results release for UK schools All qualifications except for Cambridge Pre-U From 06.00 BST on 11 August 2016 Schools may release results to candidates straight away. […]

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A Level Mathematics (9709) : Mechanics Notes

Mechanics: Contents: Modelling Acceleration Newton’s Laws of Motion Newton’s Law of Restitution Vectors Moments Impulse and Momentum The Coefficient of Friction Projectiles Work, Energy & Power Centre of Mass Toppling Elastic Strings Simple Harmonic Motion Motion in a Circle Motion in a Vertical Circle Basic Formulas for Mechanics   Modelling In mechanics, it is necessary […]

Pk Studies sec 3

Pakistan Studies (2059) – Section 3 Comprehensive Notes

O Levels Pakistan Studies Syllabus is quite lengthy and it takes a lot of time to revise through every thing. Therefore, to overcome this problem GCE GUIDE has come up with a set of summarize notes to make the revision easier. It’s a last minute revision guide, and is very helpful. So the following are […]