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Hi, everyone!

GCE Guide started in 2013 and since then the project has been expanding at an exponential rate. The updated past papers archives have been one of the most prominent features of GCE Guide. However, recently we have started to get complaints concerning the difficulty in searching of required past papers. Therefore, we are launching a desktop app with robust & fast search functionality. All you need to do is to enter the details for your required paper, and bam! The paper is opened!

So here we are, introducing you the very first desktop app for GCE Guide – GuideSearch.

All thanks to Debashish Sarkar Durjoy for creating this wonderful app.

You can download the app from the following link:

Download: GuideSearch

If you find any issues or bugs in the app, please report us using the Contact Us! section or emailing at : [email protected]

Happy Searching!

Note: Currently, the app consists of only selected TOP SEARCHED subjects. With the upcoming updates, new subjects and features will be added to it. Also soon we are going to launch a similar app for android/iOS devices.

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Not able to download on MAC


Is checkpoints among of your books curriculum’s?


Please your guidance about new curriculum of 2018/2019 because we meet many Cambridge books thanks


please provide os version app

Stoya Capoue

os x version?